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STOKES - Quartz Bevel Banger - 90° degree

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  • For Larger Quantities of Concentrate
  • Whole Thickness: 4mm
  • OD: 20mm 
  • Joint: Male
  • Banger Bent:   90  Degrees
  • Made from 100% High Quality Quartz


  • 1 x Banger per box

Stokes Quartz Bevel Banger 90° Degree For Sale Near Me

 The Stokes Quartz Bevel Banger is 90 degrees featuring a deep bucket design with a rounded bevel bottom and bevel top with a slight angle to easily use a carb cap on it for the perfect temperature and hit of dab concentrate. This style quarts banger will help you maximize the vapor coming from your concentrates. The joint size is 14mm and the joint gender comes in male. Made from 100% high quality quartz for long lasting use.