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STOKES - Trippy Silicone Hand Pipe

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  • Trippy Silicone Hand Pipe
  • Water Pipe with Glass Bowl
  • Platinum Cured Silicone


  • Length: 6.75" inches

STOKES Trippy Silicone Water/Hand Pipe

The Stokes Trippy Silicone hand/water pipe with glass bowl.  It features a carefully designed mushroom-shaped silicone build that is not only easy to use but dismantle & clean.

This pipe allows for a glass bowl to be connected to one side, enabling quick and straightforward use with your preferred smoking material. This bowl pretty much guarantees that session will be clean and enjoyable time after time!


The Stokes Trippy Silicone Hand Pipe Water Pipe is both functional and eye-catching, with its vivid and psychedelic colors sure to dazzle anyone who appreciates statement-making designs. Even display box makes the pipe a great present or the perfect highlight to your collection,

Color: Red

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