At STOKES we take our customer satisfaction very seriously, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with our product and service, each one of the product’s very carefully selected and produced with extreme care and quality. Our goal is when a customer sees the STOKES logo it represents quality, without a benefit of doubt.

We currently offer Vaping products, Quartz Banger, Dab Rig, Glass Bubblers, Personal Smoke Filter, Cartridges, and Nectar Collectors.

We take pride in our newly developed STOKES Strip Vape, after 9 month of R&D the next generation Vaping apparatus is available in smoke shops for you to enjoy. It offers up to 4k puffs with mesh coil technology ensures every puff is smooth yet rich in flavor. You do not have to worry about recharging, thus offering 1100mah Battery ensures you will enjoy your vaping experience until the very last puff, without having to worry about recharging. To ensure you receive genuine Stokes Strip we have embedded verification QR code on each device, Upon first scan the number of inquiry should say 1, As you are the first person ever to scan that unique code.