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Juicy Lucy Bulk 1 1/4 Pink Cones (1000per box)

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Juicy Lucy Bulk 1 1/4 Pink Cones (1000per box)


  • Stokes Papers & Cones
  • Juicy Lucy Pre Rolled Cones
  • Finest Smoking Products
  • Blue Cones
  • Slow Burning
  • Ultra Thin 
  • Vegan and Non-GMO
  • Chlorine and GMO-Free


  • Length: 1 1/4"
  • Color: Pink


  • 1000 cones per box

    Newest release of Stokes with the Juicy Lucy Pink Bulk 1 /14" Cones that are pre rolled! Enjoy these 1 1/4" Cones from Juicy Lucy! Each box contains 1000 cones that are ready to pack up and spark up! These all Pink pre rolled cones are 1 1/4 in size made from ultra thin, vegan and non-gmo for the finest smoking cones. This big box is filled with 1000 cones, perfect for any smoke session. The packaging displays an image of girl smoking pre rolled cones on the front of the label. You can find these Juicy Lucy pre rolled cones sold at most Smoke shops, vape shops, dispensaries and local liquor stores or convenient stores.

    Best Stokes Juicy Lucy 1 1/4 Pink 1000 cones per box For Sale Near Me