Disposable (Stoke Strips)

Disposable (Stoke Strips)

Stokes Strip Disposable Vapes are the newest and trending disposable vape device on the market the new upcoming brand Stokes. Nowadays with so many brands releasing new vapes in the market it maybe hard to figure out which are the popular ones. This device is the newest release in the vaping community being loved by many.

When it comes to Disposable vapes there are many brands that offer devices that have different amounts of puffs per device ranging from 1,000-6,000 puffs.

When it comes to the most popular disposable vape of 2022, the Strip disposable vape by Stokes is unmatched! Designed with 4000 puffs, 5% Nicotine with a capacity of 7ml, 650Mah battery, & mesh coil. When it comes to flavors, amount of puffs, performance, shape & design this Stokes Strip Disposable vape hits the top of the charts.  No other vape offers a more sleek cool looking shape with modern colors and vape performance like this new device on the market making its way to popularity amongst the vaping community.

Design: It features a modern iconic white shape with a retro translucent colored mouth piece with a 2 colored strip on each side of the vaping device.

Shape: Small sleek rounded edged rectangle shape that fits easily into the palm of your hand.

Performance: This 4000 puffs vaping experience is a smooth with auto-draw activation mechanism that requires no button & offers a great tasting vape with a variety of flavors along with a long lasting 650Mah battery.



  • Stokes Strip
  • 12 Flavors
  • 4000 puffs 
  • Mesh coil
  • Pre-Filled with 7mL of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
  • Nicotine Salt: 5%
  • Integrated 650mAh 
  • Nice box shape design
  • Pre-Charged - Simply Puff on the Device to Activate
  • Compact, Lightweight, and Portable

What is a Stokes Strip Disposable Vape?

The Stokes Strip Disposable vape device provides users with approximately 4000 puffs with 7ml prefilled e-juice of 5% salt nicotine and a 650mAh battery. If features a draw-activation firing mechanism and with mesh coils for quick and easy vaping giving you the purest taste. Features a modern small rectangle design with curved edges to fit comfortably in the hand while vaping. Designed in 12 different delicious flavors to choose from for the perfect vaping experience.

The Strip Vape device is the newest type of pre-filled disposable device vaporizer by the brand  Stokes

How do you vape the Stokes Strip Disposable device? These vapes  are designed with no button and with an auto-draw function which is the easiest way to start vaping.

How do you charge Stokes Strip disposable vape? This device is a disposable vape and doesn't require for it to be charged. It's designed with a 650Mah battery to last through all of the vape juice.

Where can I find a Stokes Strip Disposable vape near me?   Smoke Tokes is the best online wholesale supplier for Stokes Strip Vape near your store. you can buy Stokes Strip Vape 4000 Puffs from our online store. Vape Disposable Flavors in California, Los Angeles and United States with the Best Quality and the Lowest Wholesale Prices.

Stokes Strip Disposable Flavors:  There are a total of 12 Stokes Strip flavors that are offered at the moment and that people are loving all the flavors. They have a flavor for everyone to enjoy while vaping, just try a new flavor and find the one that fits you best for that day or week! 

These flavors are hand picked to offer the newest mixes of flavor blends to hit the marketing. You can't go wrong with a few of these flavors, they will have you coming back for more! Don't miss out on these great tasting vapes with amazing flavorful terps.


Honey Dew Pineapple:
Guava Watermelon:
Watermelon Bubble Gum:
Watermelon Candy:
Passion Fruit Ice:
Cool Mint:
Black Current Ice:
Blue Razz Ice:
Mango Melon:
Aloe Grape Ice:
Sour Apple Ice:

Best Stokes Strip Flavors:


Have you been wondering what Stokes Strip flavor is the best?  Your in luck with this gift box with all 12 amazing flavors!


The Stokes Strip Gift Box comes with all 12 flavors! It's perfect if you want to try all the flavors to see which is your favorite before purchasing full boxes of 5 vapes per box. Luckily with such a great product you will definitely like a few flavors. It's also a great idea to give to anyone that enjoys vaping as a gift. It comes in a box with a flip lid that showcases all the flavors to choose from. 

You can surely find your favorite vape flavor that satisfies your vaping experience when inhaling & exhaling all of these amazing flavors Stokes has to offer.

How many Strip Disposable Vapes come in each display box?  Each Display box comes with 5 single boxes in each.

How is the Strip Vape Device Packaged?  It comes in a sealed bag inside a single box. 

How many puffs are in a Stoke Strip Disposable?

Each disposable vape contains up to 4000 puffs with a nicotine 7mL liquid along with the  650mAh battery designed to last up to your last puff! No more having to recharge your device to get the rest of the nicotine or have to throw away a device because it stopped working due to no battery. Now designed with the vape customers in mind this device is build to last with great tasting flavors. Keep puffing till the end and enjoy!

Stokes Strip Disposable vape Wholesale:


We offer Stokes Disposables Vapes here online! we are the leading supplier for wholesale disposable vapes for smoke shops, vape shops & dispensaries.  we offer a wide selection of disposable vape flavors by Stokes disposable vape with the cheapest wholesale prices. You can order Stokes Strip Vapes online from us to fully stock your store. We offer Wholesale, Jobber, & Distribution pricing. You can easily purchase online from our website or reach out to us via email or by phone.


Stokes Strip has released a Strip Bundle Store Display box that is perfect for any smoke shop, vape shop, dispensary, liquor store, or gas station. It features an acrylic store Display branded with Stokes Strip logos and holds all 12 flavors displaying them. its perfect for a point of purchase item when customers are walking up to your counter. Nowadays with so many different disposable vapes people are unsure about which company to purchase but now with this stand you can show which is the most popular vape with the best design, flavors & more! Stokes Strip is a must in your store. Don't miss out on this vape becoming trending in the vaping industry. You can purchase Stokes Strip on our Vape Shop section on our website. 


The Strip Disposable Vape Bundle also includes a free sample vape & a Stokes Strip Lanyard. This cool looking lanyard can attached to your vaping device to allow you to easily vape and take it on the go. You can hang it on you neck or in your pocket with the lanyard hanging outside.